Frequently Asked Questions

For Teachers booking a  "Classroom Connection"

What is the Ocean Careers Immersion Program?

The Oceans Career Immersion Program (OCIP) connects high school students from across the province with mentors working in the ocean industry.

If you are a Career Education teacher take part in our "Classroom Connections" sessions with your class. Facilitated 45min virtual class discussions with ocean mentors and your Career Education class.

Teachers registering for a  "Classroom Connections" session can look forward to:

An OceansAdvance facilitated virtual discussion with mentors and their class.  Mentors will discuss influences and decisions that have played a significant part in determining their career path, specific projects they are working on, how their jobs have changed over time, skills that are of benefit to develop as a worker, and  the effect that technology and innovation have on jobs of the future.  

How does the program align with the goals and outcomes of Career Education 2202/2232?

Classroom Connections

Aligns and supports numerous curriculum outcomes for  Career Education 2202/2232:  Units 1, 3, & 4

Teachers are able to provide for their students an opportunity to :

Engage in a deep learning experience, connecting learning to real world applications and life experiences;

Get an industry perspective on current labour market information and how it can be used to make life and work decisions;

Develop a better understanding of the dynamic nature of the workplace and how it  changes over time and the evolving nature of one’s career path.

Why is connecting your high-school students to the ocean sector important? 

   How are teachers and students supported?

What is the timeline for the program? 

Our Classroom Connections sessions are delivered in Fall 2023.  Requests will open shortly after the school year begins.

Knowing that space will be limited,  I would like to get more information and possibly sign my class up early. Who do I contact?

If this sounds like a great opportunity for you class, we would be happy to provide additional information about the program and discuss options for booking a class session, Please reach out to Kelli Lannon OCIP Program Logistics Coordinator at:

For Mentors participating in a "Classroom Connection"

What is the Ocean Careers Immersion Program about? 

Ocean Careers Immersion Program (OCIP) is a cross-sectoral youth outreach initiative by local ocean industry associations and clusters including OceansAdvance, econext, NAIA, and COMPASS.   OCIP connects students across the province with mentors from ocean industry companies. The program exposes youth from Newfoundland and Labrador to inspiring ocean  professionals and breaks down the professional/student barrier by linking real-world work with  in-class curriculum. 

How does it work?  

We digitally bring ocean mentors into the classroom. OCIP will connect you with a class interested in your field for a fully facilitated 30min interactive  online session. You will be provided with questions from the class prior to your session.  Oceans Careers immersion program staff will assess school requests, match to mentor profiles, facilitate each meeting, and provide you with the tools and resources to ensure  success. 

What is my role as a mentor? 

Your role as a mentor is to share your experience and passion for what you do with interested  high school students. What excites you the most about walking into work? How did you get  there? How does what you do impact your organization, your community, your province?  This is  an amazing opportunity to break down the wall between school and work, put a friendly face on  your profession, and help interest students in your field. 

What is the time commitment? 

Participate in an interactive 30-minute video session and Q&A to a high school class with an  interest in your field. Address questions pre-identified by the class during your presentation.  A small amount of additional time may be required for preparation (filling out your mentoring profile, technical check before the classroom session) and evaluation (completion of a short online survey)