High-School Summer Internships

Paid summer internships for high-school students help them get a head start on ocean industry careers.

During our immersive six-week summer internships, high-school students get the chance to work on exciting real-world projects with host company teams. Students gain hands-on experience with the latest technologies, build their work portfolios and explore their potential career interests. Company mentors grow their coaching skills, get unique insight into their projects, real hands-on intern contribution to their work, and possibly a future team member.

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Meet Our Fleet of 2023 Host Companies

The internships link students to real-world projects and industry mentors providing a launchpad for  career exploration and development of work-related skills. Through hands-on work and field experiences, they are provided an opportunity to explore their interest in pursuing  ocean careers.


Structure of Six-Week Summer Internships 

Week1: July 10th - July 14th

Weeks 2-6: July 17th - August 18th 

The Program Logistics Coordinator will work with your company to develop a detailed work plan for each  intern and engage company leads and regional partners to finalize all operational and logistical details  to ensure successful implementation. OCIP Logistics Coordinator will facilitate orientation, program  delivery, and jointly supervise interns with host company leads. 

Get Onboard as a Summer Intern

Are you a NL high-school student interested in:

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then the OCIP Internship program is for you.

What happens next?

Applications will be reviewed and prioritized according to the following:

Shortlisted students will be presented to host companies.  OCIP together with each host company will select the successful candidate for the internship position in each location.

Summer Internship Expectations

What are the expectations of me as a participant?