Resources for Career Education Teachers

Curriculum Outcomes

We've linked our classroom connections sessions directly to your Career Education 2202/2232 GCOs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the what, why, and how for our programs.  The who and when come after registration. 

Teacher Professional Learning Presentation [Video Recording]

Take a deep dive into our program model including labour market information on ocean careers and how to optimize your class experience this recorded Teacher PL is for you.  Or you can download a pdf for the slide deck below.

Getting Ready for Classroom Connections

We provide you with a detailed information sheet prior to your session that includes your mentor bios, guiding questions with curriculum links, and tips to optimize the mentoring experience.  

“In my class I have a lot of students not wanting to speak up, the online messaging component was a great asset to get those students involved. The two mentors worked really well together and had a great dynamic.  I had one student ask afterwards if we knew how many people from the west coast are working for NRC or MI?”

Ms. Danica Jackson, Teacher, Corner Brook Regional High


"Skills for Success - Skills for Life"

Most often the skills that serve us well in our professional life also promote well being in our personal lives as well.  Choosing to cultivate strong transferable skills into our everyday life will help us thrive both personally as well as professionally. 

Career Readiness Information Sheets

Most people set goals but it’s the way you set your goals that makes the real difference in the likelihood of achieving them. 

Informational interviewing involves speaking with people who work in the field you would like to learn more about. 

References are the names of people who can speak well of you and what kind of person you are, your skills, experiences and work ethic. 

Networking is a give-and-take process that involves making connections, sharing information, and asking questions.